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About Workforce Central Dunedin

Workforce Central Dunedin is a Job & Skills Hub established to supply workers for construction, infrastructure and trade businesses in the community and for the New Dunedin Hospital build.



Workforce Central Dunedin connects jobs and people - coordinate, support, connect, and provide information.



Workforce Central Dunedin gives easy access to training, upskilling and career development plans for workers.



Workforce Central Dunedin will continue to support employers and employees - career development, pastoral care, Mates In Construction, Health & Safety on site.

Meet Our Team

Workforce Central Dunedin was first imagined in early 2018 when we determined Dunedin was too small a city to supply the talent needed to build the New Dunedin Hospital.

A Governance Group of local industry leaders and kaitiaki who represent mana whenua guides and supports our work program. An Advisory Group of leading industry influencers advises and positions Workforce Central Dunedin in the construction landscape of Dunedin.

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How We Can Help You

On-Site Training & Upskilling

We coordinate on-site training packages for workers on the New Dunedin Hospital site. This can include licensing, compliance tickets, literacy and numeracy, mental health and wellbeing support, cadetships, apprentice training, and development of individual learning plans.

On-Site Recruitment

We match job seekers to employer vacancies to seek the best talent for their team. Roles include apprentices, qualified tradies, and full & semi-skilled labourers. There are also other site related roles such as site security, drivers, administrators, cleaners, and caterers.

Induction Program for Site Workers

Our on-site induction is co-designed with stakeholders as a complete orientation package with focus upon Health & Safety, Mental and Physical Wellbeing and the cultural value of the New Dunedin Hospital construction site to mana whenua.

School & Community Engagement

We work alongside school leavers, local iwi, university and polytechnic leavers, career & job changers, migrants, returning New Zealanders from overseas, beneficiaries, the disabled community, people in Corrections care, beneficiaries, and others to help raise awareness of careers and job opportunities in construction.

Pastoral Care

We provide pastoral support which will cater for the individual needs of workers on-site including mental and physical wellbeing.

Business Support for Local Māori & Pasifika

We connect Māori and Pasifika businesses to opportunities that arise on the New Dunedin Hospital build and other infrastructure projects in Ōtepoti.We do this by being an accessible connection point for Māori and Pasifika businesses to explore opportunities in building projects.

10 Benefits of Workforce Central Dunedin:

Our hub is located in the heart of Central Dunedin.

Focused on employing the estimated 300 Dunedin-based jobs that will be created over the 8 years with the New Dunedin Hospital Build.

Accessible for people to walk into our Job & Skills Hub and enquire about current vacancies not just with the New Dunedin Hospital project but also other local builds in our region.

Employers can use our free recruitment service and to list any vacancy with us.

Our service is free because its funded by central government.

We screen and match job seekers most suitable for your business.

We induct people on-site to reduce downtime.

We train and upskill the team on-site to increase productivity.

We give in-work support to retain talent on your team.

We give on-site pastoral care to maintain your physical and mental wellbeing.

We help people find the construction career they love.

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We are creating a world leading legacy alongside a state-of-the-art healthcare facility in the heart of Ōtepoti.

The New Dunedin Hospital along with other construction builds in Dunedin will provide the next generation with an awesome opportunity to explore, grow, and shape Dunedin’s future.

The Job & Skills Hub right here in Central Dunedin is an ideal facility to coordinate employment, upskilling, training and learning.  We are a visible presence on the New Dunedin Hospital building site who are accessible to workers, sub-contractors, employers, the general public, students and scholars.

Workforce Central Dunedin invites the local Dunedin and wider community to join forces and share the common goal of not only creating a world leading health facility but deriving the secondary benefits that come from having the largest infrastructure project being built in our city.

Some secondary benefits are that the New Dunedin Hospital has a focus on supporting local businesses and local workers to help build. Our dream is that the workforce in Dunedin have the financial means to live well, can improve awareness in our Māori cultural heritage in Ōtepoti and have less waste because we champion clean construction. These secondary benefits are grouped into social, economic, cultural and environmental outcomes.

We call upon our education community to re-imagine the future of construction training. What better place to test, pilot or try out something new than on our New Dunedin Hospital building site.

Workforce Central Dunedin has already started building connections between people in the Dunedin community, the construction industry, tertiary education and schools, local and central government.

Our strong relationships and trust in each other are key to doing great things together.

Dunedin demands services which have a strong cultural fit and sense of community needs. Workforce Central Dunedin’s Job & Skills Hub is underpinned by Māori and Pasifika cultural values. Our modern construction approach is inclusive of all working-age people, all genders, all ethnicities, all religions and all cultures.

Dunedin looks for new leadership from our largest government funders and construction contractors to draw upon local Dunedin innovation, talent and supporting businesses to grow Dunedin.

Workforce Central Dunedin is connected to Job & Skills Hubs in the North Island and can refer you to vacancies in Taupo, Tauranga, Hamilton and Auckland.

Workforce Central Dunedin and their Jobs & Skills Hub are backed by the latest research commissioned to forecast the construction industry builds on large infrastructure projects including the domestic market. Our work and approach is informed by the latest research on labour market demands and future workforce needs. We belong to a network who look at the changing construction demands and how to respond in real time.