Helping You Find The Right Staff

Our goal is to book appointments and meet candidates to have a meaningful conversation about their career pathways and direction.

Workforce Central Dunedin can find you candidates at no cost and we can also help train and upskill your staff.

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How can Workforce Central Dunedin help employers?



WFCD services to employers:

  • Recruit new workers
  • Match the best person to the job


WFCD develops staff:

  • Induct all staff
  • Coordinate training


WFCD will continue to support employers:

  • Retain staff
  • In-work support
Workforce Central Dunedin - We will help employers find the right staff/candidate for their business

Find and recruit candidates to fill any vacancies

Workforce Central Dunedin - Employers are able to advertise their vacancies on the WFCD website

Advertise your vacancy

Workforce Central Dunedin - WFCD can help businesses find and recruit the right candidates in the construction industry

Present your ideal candidates who are profiled & work-ready

Workforce Central Dunedin - We will work with employees and potential employees to help develop their future careers

Work with candidates to help develop career pathway plans