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Our goal is to book appointments and meet candidates to have a meaningful conversation about their career pathways and direction.

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Workforce Central Dunedin is a service that offers free career advice and can refer you to employers who are looking for people to join their team.

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Workforce Central Dunedin - We will help jobseekers find the right workplace for them

How can Workforce Central Dunedin help jobseekers?



WFCD helps jobseekers:

  • Apply for jobs
  • Attain licenses and certificates
  • Explore career paths in construction


WFCD will develop jobseekers:

  • Career plans
  • Online learning


WFCD will continue to support jobseekers:

  • Wellbeing services
  • Support people to stay employed
  • Find accommodation

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We will help you seek an apprenticeship, high school leavers, polytechnic and university graduates, those looking to change careers, and those already in a trade seeking change.

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